Payment Methods

By partnering with Comenity Capital Bank, Ulta offers the Ultamate Rewards credit card and Ultamate Rewards Mastercard. This article will instruct you on how to understand both cards, how to pay your bill, and how to earn bonus points.


Ulta Rewards cards are issued by Comenity Capital Bank, while Ulta Beauty offers the best rewards program. Before applying for the Ultimate Credit Card, you must become a member of the Ultimate Rewards program and open an Ultimate Rewards account.

Various Payment Methods

Online Payment

  • Create your login by clicking Register to access the Ulta Credit Card website login page.
  • Enter your credit card account number, your zip code, and the last four digits of your social security number.
  • Choose username and password.
  • Enter your email address and phone number.
  • The username and password you used to sign-in will no longer work.
  • You should also include the routing and account numbers for your checking account.
  • Follow the instructions to pay your bill.
  • As well as viewing your bank statements, updating your account details, and updating your profile, you can access the website 24 hours a day.

Over The Phone

Don’t forget to put your social security number, credit card number, and bank account number at the ready.

Comenity Capital Bank Services can be reached at 866-257-9195.

Follow the automated instructions and complete your payment.


Pay By MailĀ 

By mail is also an option, but be sure to send it early enough to arrive at the payment center before the due date. The steps are as follows:

Pay the amount you wish to pay by writing a check or by purchasing a money order payable to your Ultamate Rewards credit card or to your Comenity Capital Bank credit card.

Pay at least the minimum payment due to avoid fines. To avoid interest charges, pay the full amount on your last statement.

Send your remaining payment to the following address:

Comenity Capital Bank: Ultamate Rewards Mastercard or Ultamate Rewards Credit Card

PO Box: OH-659820

San Antonio Texas, 78265-9120