It is available for purchase on the Ulta Beauty website and is issued by Comenity Bank. You can earn rewards by using a credit card to make purchases. If used wisely, you can get various benefits including cashback, rewards, coupons, etc. Before applying for the Ulta Credit Card, you must be an active member of the ulta beauty ultamate rewards program.


Ulta Reward Credit Card Benefits

No Annual Fees

Ulta cards are available in two flavors: Ulta Reward Mastercard and Ulta Reward Credit Card. Most credit cards charge an annual fee for using the card. But Ulta Credit Card are free, which means there is no annual fee. Using these cards will be less expensive.

Reward Program

With either card, you will earn 2 points for every dollar spent at the ultra beauty store or on the website. But the Ulta Rewards MasterCard also offers additional benefits in the form of 1 point for every $3 spent on non-Ulta Beauty purchases.


There may be multiple payment methods you used to pay your bills to make a purchase. Each payment method has advantages and disadvantages.

Available Credit

On the plus side, these are the most important features of the Ulta Rewards credit card. Credit is offered to you in the form of a non-renewable credit.

Welcome Bonus

The Ulta Reward credit card also comes with a welcome offer of 500 Welcome Bonus Points, which you earn after spending $500 on purchases outside of Ulta in the first 3 months.

First Purchase Offer

In the ulta rewards program, you will receive a great offer with a special discount on your first purchase at the ulta beauty store or website. It offers 20% off when you buy at ulta beauty for the first time.

Easy Bill Payment

Paying on time improves your credit score. Online, via email, telebanking, etc., you can pay your Ulta credit card bill.